HospitHome control unit operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There, a specialized nursing team works, able to answer each user’s questions and, at the same time, to sort requests to the medical department.

The control unit is Hospithome‘s operating center, it connects anyone who needs it to the provided medical care: from on-demand visits to more complex consultations.

All clinical and instrumental services are provided in real time, 24 hours a day, through the Hospithome Service Center which uses the most modern communication technologies (smartphones, tablets, internet).


(Technology Overview)​

HospitHome is an open platform, certified and in line with international IT security standards. It can be used in different ways according to specific needs, bringing high quality, fast and expert health care.

Hospithome network is made by:

Hospithome IT platform can integrate some wearable devices to check users’ vital signs directly from their homes.

Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, he will have a special sensor connected to the tablet via Bluetooth and SD memory.

At the moment, sensors are available for measuring the following parameters:


With our smartphone app you have access to HospitHome at any time. Our doctors are taken wherever they are needed, simplifying, and speeding up the management workflow.

One of our medical professionals will be at your disposal and you will be able to connect wherever you are.

Hospithome app provides many features, such as:

Booking a visit

Uploading documents

Consulting and updating the prescribed treatment

Sharing the vital parameters

Reviewing and recommending the services of health professionals


Remote monitoring allows the user to constantly monitor his vital parameters, no matter where he is, without having to go to the doctor’s office or to a health facility.

These services allow you to:

Continuously monitorthe main physiological and vital parameters with simple and easy-to-use tools through modern technologies (smartphonestablets).

Send them wirelessly and automatically to the Service Unit

Communicate in real-time with Hospithome’s specialists

Hospithome remote monitoring program addresses to high-risk users (over 65) and to people who suffer from chronic diseases.

Each user who is over 65 or who has a chronic disease is supplied with a tablet with Hospithome remote monitoring software installed.
Il software è personalizzabile in modo da poter soddisfare le esigenze specifiche di ciascun paziente e mette a disposizione contenuti multimediali come video educativi, richiami ai farmaci e applicazioni per lo screening di determinati parametri biometrici.

In addition, members of the healthcare team can communicate with the user through the tablet, even without landline or Internet connection.

After the users have registered their data, they are automatically sent to the Operation Center.

Daily records of vital signs and updates of health conditions are used to help the patient’s healthcare team and doctors to adjust the treatment plan and avoid emergencies.

Hospithome remote monitoring service allows patients suffering from chronic diseases - such as, for example, COPD, diabetes, heart failure - to:

At the same time, the health care team can:

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