Services for users


Through its application, Hospithome provides assistance packages that can be defined according to the needs. After the first video consultation it is possible to buy the different devices from the e-commerce combined with the platform and with a monthly subscription you are guaranteed to be monitored by the Hospithome staff.

By registering on the portal, it will be possible to forward requests for assistance to the team of specialists.

A personal health record is generated for each user, after informed consent.

Such an approach plays a fundamental role in improving patient care, optimizing and easing the flow of medical activity with a view to benefiting patients.

Specialized consultation

Multispecialist medical teleconsultation

Users can have access to a specialist consultation for multiple pathologies.

  • Hospithome allows access to teleconsultations, video chats, second opinions in real time, interfacing with a team of specialized doctors
  • Receive prescription drugs and keep your intake monitored constantly

Tele reporting

Hospithome gives its users the possibility to provide remote exchange of health data and obtain telegraphic reports.

In particular, the user can:

  • Share a report or diagnosis and request an evaluation
  • Search for information on Hospithome points of care where you can go for analysis or diagnosis
  • Book a doctor’s visit directly to your home

Health tele surveillance

Health tele surveillance, which has a purely clinical value, promotes a safe and serene life both for the healthy user and for the user suffering from chronic pathologies. The service makes use of specialist doctors and “tutor” nurses who, in a programmed and constant way, interact with subscribers.