The IT platform

Technology Overview


Hospithome is an open certified platform in line with international IT security standards and can be used in different ways according to specific needs, bringing quality, rapid and competent healthcare assistance.

The elements that make up the Hospithome network are the following:

  1. the Embrace WebRTC Application Server: represents the focal point of the infrastructure that allows real-time communications (HD audio/video/chat) between users, doctors and specialists who can connect either from PC or via smart phone
  2. the tablet application for patients that allows you to stay in constant contact with the medical team
  3. desktop application for healthcare professionals and doctors that allows users to be correctly and constantly monitored
  4. the platform that identifies the status and type of connection used for mutual interaction between users and doctors / health care assistants

The Hospithome IT platform can be integrated with wearable devices to monitor users’ vital parameters directly from their homes.

Once the patient is discharged from the hospital, they will have a special sensor connected to the tablet via Bluetooth and SD memory.

At the moment, sensors are available for measuring the following parameters:

  • level of oxygen in the blood
  • blood pressure
  • ECG
  • glycemia