Who we are


The ongoing evolution of demographic dynamics, and the consequent transformation of the needs linked to the health of the population, with a growing share of the elderly and chronic pathologies, make a structural and organizational redesign of the network of services necessary, especially with a view to strengthening assistance on the ground and continuous monitoring. Moreover, the progressive reduction of resources in favour of health facilities implies a risk that the services become qualitatively unacceptable and economically unsustainable.

Digital innovation can be a fundamental strategic lever. Hospithome addresses the new challenges that technological progress brings with it, proposing to get virtual health assistance to anyone who requests it, when and where it is needed. A new way to provide and design assistance for the benefit of patients, hospital workers and the health system. A constant search towards improving levels of satisfaction and relationship with the patient, facilitating communication and accessing information and healthcare resources, increasing the efficiency and quality of services.

Hospithome brings together a team of specialized healthcare professionals with proven experience, together with highly qualified ITC technicians, which allows the management of flows related to the patient’s well-being, ranging from consultation to reporting up to the monitoring of vital parameters.

Hospithome services are based on advanced software that – thanks to dedicated applications for smartphones and tablets – allow you to have the right flexibility to satisfy the patient, providing high-level assistance at any time and place.

The doctor comes back to visiting houses but in a completely renewed and innovative way!